Michael Baron || Chicago, IL


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Member of The Bread Machine


The Sea at Midnight



I provide live entertainment around Chicagoland and beyond. To book a solo performance, use the contact page to get in touch.

Songs: I have an extensive list of songs that I play across many genres and decades, though the bulk of which are rock-oriented classics, alternative crowdpleasers, etc.  Ask for a song list if you're curious!
Time: I can safely play for up to 3-4 hours (though have been known to go longer if necessary... ).
Live Sound: I come with my own sound equipment if your event/venue needs it. We will work out an arrangement that fits your needs!
Full Band: To book the full band, please specify in your contact submission, or head to breadmachinemusic.com and send us a request!



Available to take part in your live performance setup, and/or as a studio session player for Bass Guitar, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Keyboard, Ukulele, Cajon/percussion, and Vocals (harmony/bgv's or lead).

I also arrange songs, especially when it comes to vocal harmonies, and do production work.

Always on the lookout for new collaborators, musicians to play with, venues to perform at, tracks to sing, play on, or arrange, and of course, co-writes!


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Instagram feed: @michaelbaron_is

Look at This!

"SNAKE OIL" out now on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, and all other streaming services!

Written and Performed entirely by Michael Baron, Engineered by Will Cullen

Upcoming Shows

"Brianna!" featured in Composers' Workshop 

One of my songs, "Brianna!", was recently featured in Michael Wolniakowski's Composers' Workshop on "Writing for the Voice". Really proud to have it in there alongside some fantastic composers of different genres. Thanks for including my work in the event, Michael! You can listen to a recording of the track under the "Music" tab. Click through to Soundcloud and check out the description of the song for more info about it! To find out more about Michael Wolniakowski and all of the musical endeavors he's…

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The Story So Far 

I wrote a somewhat long, detailed bio that included many of the most pivotal experiences in my life as it pertains to music.....which is exactly what they tell you NOT to do. Keep it short and concise they say. Touché, but there is still some unique, awesome, and possibly embarrassing stuff that has happened that I think is worth sharing. Maybe one day.