I'm a performer - a singer and multi-instrumentalist - who is an accomplished songwriter and arranger with an ear for production. Primarily involved in making Rock/Pop music, I value musical versatility and open-mindedness above all. For me this comes when knowing what you love meets willing exploration (and of course having the skills to pull it off).
I set out to make accessible, yet extraordinary music that I love.
My main focus is vocals, yet I am proficient on many instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, bass, piano/keyboard, ukulele, and drums.  I am a lead vocalist who nonetheless thrives on writing and performing with a group, incorporating vocal harmonies at every tasteful opportunity, and writing strong arrangements for maximum effect.

Beyond all of that, simply put, being a musician has led to the greatest thrills of my life so far. Long may the thrills continue.

I'm hoping to share them, so hold on tight.

- Michael Baron