Originally from Chicago, IL, I've lived and played music relentlessly in Nashville, TNMadrid, SpainChampaign, IL, and of course in my home city of Chicago during the past decade. I've jumped around (literally and figuratively) to play all across the midwest and southern USA as well, and I'm always trying to take things further in every sense.

Performer: singer and multi-instrumentalist

Songwriter: with a growing canon of songs ranging across many genres

Arranger: of harmony, instrumentation, and structure

Producer: with an ear for what brings a song to life

I set out to make accessible, yet extraordinary music that I love and hope that others find equally enthralling.

While primarily gravitating toward an "alternative rock" style, I value musical versatility and open-mindedness above all. For me, this comes when knowing what you love meets willing exploration (and of course having the skills to pull it off).


I'm looking for...

...kindred spirits to link up with. Check out my BandMix profile to get a feel for where I'm coming from, who I'm looking for, and what I'm trying to do. I'm always up for meeting musicians who are on the same wavelength and seeing what happens. That's the most fun part about this whole thing, after all...!

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- Michael Baron